Suffolk Lenadoon Interface Group Talk Back

Panel Guests, Dr Eamon Phoenix, social and political historian, Dr Sophie Long, Philip Orr, historian, Jimmy McDermott, historian. Chaired by Allison Morris, Security Correspondent, Irish News.

Suffolk Lenadoon Interface Group (SLIG) is owned by the two main community organisations in the area: the Suffolk Community Forum and the Lenadoon Community Forum. These organisations paved the way for SLIG and its property and urban regeneration arm: Stewartstown Road Regeneration Project (SRRP).

There had been no contact between Suffolk and Lenadoon for over 20 years until community leaders met in 1996. Those involved contended with decades of conflict, deep suspicion and mistrust.

Both communities suffer from high unemployment, poor housing and health, lower levels of educational achievement, anti-social behaviour and sectarian violence.

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