Des Lee and The Miami Showband

Robin Elliott in conversation with Des Lee about the recent 2017 developments regarding the Miami Showband massacre, an attack by the loyalist paramilitary group, the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF), on 31 July 1975.

It took place on the A1 road at Buskhill in Northern Ireland. Five people were killed, including three members of the Miami Showband, who were one of Ireland’s most popular show bands – frontman Fran O’Toole, guitarist Tony Geraghty and trumpeter Brian McCoy.

Documents declassified from 1987 include a letter that shows British intelligence agency MI5 gave the UVF detonators they had set to explode prematurely, which the UVF used to carry out their attack.

Two serving British soldiers and one former British soldier were found guilty of the murders and received life sentences. They were released in 1998.

To view the film about the Miami Showband massacre click here.

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